Saturday, February 28, 2009


-At work, the girls are always talking about renting movies. I finally told them that J buys movies pretty much every time we walk into ANY store, and they should check with us before renting movies, 'cause we're happy to loan them out. Friday, J came to pick me up from work, and they convinced him that if he created a movie spreadsheet, they'd "rent" movies from us for a dollar. So, we tallied up the movies today, and I have to's pretty ridiculous. All the movies are kept in J's man cave, so I really didn't have any idea that we have 352 freaking movies! Lordy! They'll be able to "rent" movies from us for the rest of our lives!

-I finally took a cue from Renee, TYH, and every other blog I've been reading lately and planted a few things in an indoor greenhouse. I know I'm late at doing this, but I'm hoping I'll still have some veggies this year. So far I've got jalepenos, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, mint, bell peppers, watermelons, and sugar snap peas. I'd like to add strawberries, cantelope, corn, spinach, and potatoes to the mix too. I would LOVE to not have to buy produce all summer. Not only is produce pretty dang expensive, but it just isn't very GOOD around here. For flowers, I planted some morning glories and sweet peas. I have a total black thumb, and I didn't even look to see if these things can grow in our region or level of sun, but I'm hoping they turn out! Maybe this will give us some incentive to get our backyard under control so that I have somewhere to PLANT these babies once they start blooming.


  1. As obscene as 352 movies may seem to you, I have more. I hoard them like a dragon hoards gold. I probably have as many books.

    Egh. Need more shelves.

  2. That is a lot of movies. My dad sounds like J- he buys movies all the time! I don't think he has any idea how many movies he has. I am impressed that you guys could spread sheet all yours- whenever I tried to do my parents' I just stopped because it was so overwhelming. Good for you!

  3. Hey maybe you can make some money out of this deal! ;) I am excited that you have a mini garden! Sounds good and healthy! Good luck!


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