Wednesday, February 25, 2009


- I took the test to become a ChaCha guide yesterday. I know that I answered the questions correctly with solid .edu or .gov sites for almost everything and I know that they're hiring. I studied way more than most people do. I'm still paranoid that I failed. It would be such a blessing if I passed, and hopefully a quick and painless way to make some extra money.

-I have a meeting this morning for work that I'm absolutely DREADING. I'm finding that I'm dreading going to work in the mornings at all, which isn't a good thing. I'm not sure whether a vacation would make things worse or better.

-I am tired of rain. I want some sun. Actually, I want summer. This weather is making me way too tempted to go tanning.


  1. I want summer too, but I'll take some of your rain! We've only had snow twice this winter and things are dry, brown and ugly around here!

  2. I also do not know what ChaCha is. ?


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