Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ChaCha and Chocolate.

Some of you asked about ChaCha in the comments of my last post. Basically, they're a question and answer service. People text in questions like "What are the hours of the Wal-Mart in Orlando, Florida?" or "Who won the superbowl in 1990?" Their texts are then transformed into a computer question and sent to ChaCha guides, the position for which I applied, who research the answer provide a credible source, and send it back to the computer, who then forwards it on to the customer's phone in text form. Usually all within 2-10 minutes.

I haven't heard back as to whether or not I was accepted, but I'm really hoping that I was. It's right up my alley, and it would be a huge blessing to be able to make some supplemental income while watching movies or hanging out. So send good thoughts my way about that please, because I hear that once you've applied, you can't ever re-apply. Oye Vey.

Moving on...I have exactly one hour left of being able to eat chocolate candy for the next 40 days. Growing up, my church did observe Lent, and we were encouraged to give something up, even though we weren't Catholic. In our family, we considered Lent to officially begin at the Ash Wednesday service, which happened at 7pm at our church. This year, I think I've decided to give up chocolate candy. I am not giving up chocolate entirely, because I often have a cup of hot chocolate to unwind from work...which is a GOOD thing for me. It gives me time to acknowledge and then discard anything that was difficult to hear at work, and keeps me from breaking confidentiality. Not to mention, it's often just plain cold at our house and it helps warm me up. On the other hand, there's ALWAYS chocolate candy and cake at work, which I often eat mindlessly. I kind of feel like I'm being a flake by not giving it up all the way, and I worry that I'll just replace my mindless chocolate eating with mindless licorice eating. We'll see.

ETA: I did decide to go ahead and shoot for giving up chocolate candy desserts for Lent. I'm not giving up hot chocolate, as I don't see it as a vice!

Interestingly enough, Justin's family (who is also fact, his dad is a Lutheran pastor), never gave things up for Lent according to Justin.

PS- How do y'all like the new layout? It isn't even a CBOTB layout...I did it all by myself in Photoshop! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself!


  1. The layout is so cute! You did a great job! Good luck with ChaCha. I thought I had my hubby convinced to do it at one point, but he's just so busy.

  2. A couple of things:

    -Thanks for explaining about ChaCha. I can't think of anyone I know that would be better at it, or that would enjoy it more. Keep us posted (as I am sure you will).

    -I would have a REALLY hard time giving up chocolate. I basically crave it 24\7 so good luck! I think keeping the hot cocoa in the loop is good, otherwise maybe that would become a couple glasses of wine instead. ;)

    -The layout ROCKS. I am really impressed that you made it yourself! Jealous! I wish I had photoshop, I used to love playing around with it. Then again, I really wish I even had a computer haha (I don't!)

    -Justin should give up chewing. The end.

  3. I LOVE the layout. Really. LOVE.

  4. Love the layout. Isn't it fun to play around and come up with something original?

    I don't give up things for lent either, never have.

  5. Love the layout!

    Thanks or explaining cha cha. Good luck!

  6. Love the layout, CBOTB is so yesterday (JK!)

    I grew up non denominational, so I've never observed Lent. I had friends get mad at me because they thought I of all people should . . .


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