Monday, February 2, 2009

Making Progress...

You may recall our living room prior to this weekend...finally a yummy paint color and some nice accessories, but still missing something. Well, a lot of things really.

And...this is what it's looking like now. Definitely not as much open space, but a LOT more seating. We still have the brown circle chair from the above picture, but only drag it out when needed 'cause it takes up too much space.

And here it is looking over the loveseat. Please ignore the Christmas ornaments that are STILL sitting on the bookshelves. Also, the candles don't normally live there...I just threw them up to make the house smell yummy. On another note, please tell my hubster to let me move the bookcases about 4 inches to the right. I don't care if the garage door won't open all the way! The non-centeredness drives me batty.
Here are our little side tables. I would have preferred a big table, but these were like $20 a pop, so I'm not complaining that I have to push two together. We have a third one that will eventually go on the other side of the couch (where all the wires are in the above picture).

So here's what's still left to do:
1. Laminate Wood flooring through out
2. Once that's down, I already have a nice cream colored shaggy rug to put under the furniture.
3. Replace the tall picture light with either a light just like the one on the opposite table or a different standing light.
4. Eventually add can lights or track lights to the ceiling for some overhead light
5. Buy a flatscreen TV
6. Buy a new entertainment table/center for new flatscreen
7. Hang the double curtain rod (already have). I'm also considering replacing the brown sheers with white/cream sheers to lighten things up and tie in the rug. What do y'all think?


  1. The space looks nice and cozy. Great job! and I agree...kick your hubby in gear and get him to center that shelf. Silly men!

  2. Looks good! J, move the shelves!! They need to be centered. ;)

  3. It looks like you are grown up. Weird.

  4. It looks great, I love those side tables, and what a great price! Definitely get your hubby to center the shelves. I'm like you, I would NEED it to be centered.

  5. I love the progress! Lol at moving the bookcase to heck with functionality! :)

  6. It looks so cozy Mere! Can I come cuddle up on your couch this weekend with a blanket??

  7. That looks great! You're making poor, apartment-living me jealous.


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