Sunday, February 1, 2009

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain....

So, after ordering a couple of things from the TALL section of Old Navy, I have to say that I've decided that my clothing choices are fairly plain. Also, I'm kind of pissed that any time I actually have money to spend, they don't have sweat pants in my size. They only have XXS Tall, which doesn't do me any good. They might be nice arm warmers. Also, I should note that while most of my choices are pretty plain, I ACTUALLY wanted to order different versions of some of these same shirts that had great fun springy prints...but again, nothing in my size. Which is pretty sucky...I mean, it isn't as though I wear a XXXL or an XXXS. I wear a medium or a large tall. How hard is that people? Anyway......

Can you believe I don't have a single black zip up hoodie?

This is a plain color, but I think the cut is different, and it's nice and springy.

I am not sure what I'll be wearing with this, but I just loved the color.
I loved this. It's so totally not me--loud, and PINK, but I loved it. So I got it...I think I'll be able to wear it to work, and will love it.
Somehow, the white shirt and the pink shirt ended up coming in normal sizing rather than tall. They say I must have forgotten to select tall, and I could have SWORN that I selected tall, but oh well. They were kind enough to send me those two shipping free, and then I can just return the larges to an ON store. Sucks that I ended up paying $90 for $60 worth of clothes initially, but I understand why, and I'll get that last $30 back soon enough.

I also got the cutest little green cotton maxi dress from Target. I'm nervous about actually wearing it, 'cause I always feel frumpy in long dresses. However, I'm thinking that (a) if I feel frumpy or (b) it isn't long enough, I'll just hem it to be a tea-length dress.

I'm also totally crushing over these trouser jeans from Gap. They'd be perfect for jeans Fridays when I still have meetings.

And these lighter wash long and lean jeans from Gap. I should probably search eBay instead for these. After too much What Not To Wear, I've been staying away from lighter wash jeans, but there's just something so summery about them!
I'm trying to hold off on the I-wants until we've figured out the floor business. Apparently, Costco no longer carries laminate wood flooring?! WTF? So, we priced it out a few other places, and it was $400-$500 more than Costco and didn't include padding. Yikes!


  1. looking at those clothes made me wish for spring all the more! Love all the items. I am pretty plain jane when it comes to clothes too so I understand where you are coming from. It is fun to mix it up once in awhile though.

  2. Have you checked out Ikea's flooring? They have some decently priced laminate.

  3. First of all I want to say that the title of your post is from one of my favorite songs of all time :o) And second, I had to laugh at your comment about watching too much What Not to Wear and staying away from lighter wash jeans. I always think the same thing when I'm jean shopping.

  4. I have that lacy cami in a tall - I was so excited to find it in long that I ordered 2 or 3 colors. :)

  5. LOVE all your choices. I wanna shop too now~

  6. I REALLY miss Old Navy. And Target.


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