Friday, February 13, 2009

Choices, Choices

One of the major perks of J's job has always been the benefits--we have a Costco membership through them, they gave great vacation/sick leave, and spouses and children received health, vision, and dental for free.

When the economy started to turn, they put a freeze on accruing vacation and sick leave, and they've now announced that insurance will be changing. Basically, we have the option to pay $120/month pre-tax for insurance for J alone, or $220 for health/vision/dental for both of us (I think it's $320 if you have kids). I'm already insured through my work, but on my insurance alone, a re-mix for my allergy shots is over $1000. So, I'm thinking that it would make sense for us to keep me on his insurance and keep me double covered in the event that (a) I get pregnant and get put on bed rest or (b) my agency loses a bunch of its grants/donor funding, and my position gets cut.

It's just one more expense that we haven't budgeted for....we could definitely and easily swing it...but it also sucks.


  1. Expenses, bills and money in general really suck. (Just had to defer my loans because of the work permit/no income situation, and am not happy about it).

  2. I'm sorry, I really want to say something other than these types of decisions suck . . . but really, being grown up and making these decisions suck


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