Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scratch That

I knew that I spoke too soon about the great customer service experience I had with Dell. I was shocked when the tech called yesterday and said he could come out already ( I wasn't expecting a call until at least today or tomorrow). Only, since he left, all hell has broken loose.

Since he was here, I suddenly don't have a wireless card. I've reinstalled the drivers multiple times, all to no avail. System restore doesn't work either. Also, I was suddenly hooked up to a network that I didn't set up, and it looked like someone was remoting in all night--coincidentally, this was happening while I was speaking to a Dell tech who was preparing to remote in, but to whom I hadn't actually given consent to remote in to. Dell says that this is all a coincidence, and maybe I'm just a bit of a conspiracy theorist here, but I just find it AWFULLY coincidental.

I was on the phone with a tech this morning, and the crazy lady said, "Okay. I call you back in 15 minutes, or you call me back in 15 minutes."

I asked which one it was--who was calling whom. She responded, "Whoever calls first." Nice plan.


  1. Um that is not a coincidence! Ridiculous on the calling back as well.

  2. I have had nothing but trouble from Dell in all my encounters with them.


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