Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Day

Both yesterday and today I've slowly been feeling a little less depressed and a little more optimistic. J left his first job site in WA today and is now heading to Everett. After they finish in Everett, they'll likely head down to their next job site in Oregon. They should be home Sunday or Monday. The bummer is that a night job is starting soon, and J may be expected to start working it either this Monday or next Monday. I am hoping that he gets at least a day off to recoup--they've been working 14-18 hour days up there!

Blessings for the last couple of days:
-Wine, chocolate, and french bread with Kait last night
-I will get to see Renee, Ryan, and maybe their kids tonight...I hope!
-My silly, neurotic cat. I know those of you with kids probably think I'm exaggerating, but seriously, she's like a child. She wants to be held AT ALL TIMES. Freaks out if I leave the room, and cries all night. This cat isn't an independent sort at all--she wants nonstop attention and love. But I love her. Her new favorite activity is to intentionally roll off the couch.
-I am currently downloading an episode of TOP CHEF! Heck yes for New Orleans
-We ordered Direct TV and he will be here Monday! Now, we've never had any cable of any sort since we've been married, and it's been fine. Sometimes though, I do miss watching the news or football games, or just watching a show the night it actually AIRS. And their package with 150 channels was less than $30/month for a year. So we'll try it out. Hopefully it isn't a mistake.
-God has blessed me with sleeping well since J has been gone. It's a small mercy. I typically don't sleep well even when he's here, so I didn't think I'd sleep well when he's gone. I was armed with large amounts of simply sleep, but haven't needed it at all. The entire bottle of wine last night may have helped!


  1. I'm serious, wine, chocolate, french bread and kitty love, with friends and family . . . I don't think you could cope better!

    Did you ever read up on Bengal's? She's for sure exhibiting all characteristics! I've always wanted one lol, can you tell?

  2. I'm glad it's getting a bit easier for you. I can't even sleep when John stays out late at night let alone if he were to ever be gone for an extended period of time.


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