Thursday, February 5, 2009


- After approximately 8 hours speaking with Dell reps over the last few days, I finally got two GOOD agents last night, who were extremely understanding and helpful. Basically, after hours of diagnostics, they've discovered that my wireless card is shot, and SURPRISE, so is my hard drive. To re cap, Dell has already replaced the battery, power cord, plastic casing, motherboard, and memory cards this year. Now they'll be replacing my wireless card and hard drive. Basically, they just should have sent me a new laptop. Really though, I'm thankful that once my warranty expires in April, I'll be entering the laptop world with all new "guts". And while the hard drive issue sucks, it's at the crashing, but hasn't crashed yet stage, so hopefully I'll still be able to back everything up when I get home tonight.

-I have been really bad about the gym this week. I've only been once so far. I probably could have gone this morning, but I'm watching Top Chef instead. I LOVE me some Top Chef. I may go at lunch. We'll see.

-Kait is coming today! I'm so excited to see her again!

-This should be a fun photography weekend. Hopefully, we'll get a start on our floors on Friday night, work most of the day on Saturday, and then Saturday night there's a big event for the band (Kait is going to be my date), and hopefully we'll get some good pics out of the deal. Sunday, we might trek up to the mountain--Kev has a snowboard competition that will actually be visible from the lodge. I haven't ever seen him compete in snowboarding, and really want to go.

-I got TWO pairs of Gap clearance pants yesterday. One pair wasn't long enough, but had a cuff bottom. I let that out, so I think I might be able to swing it now. They're trouser cut, which is not something that I usually buy because I feel kind of short, squat, and frumpy in them. But I'm 5'10", so I doubt I actually look short and squat even if I feel like I do. Besides, they're the pants that EVERYONE raves about, so I figured I'll try.

-Yesterday morning, I was up at the butt crack of dawn. I headed right to pee before taking Justin in to work. Justin came inside from warming up the car, knocked on the bathroom door, and said, "Mere, is that you?!" Who the heck else would it be? We're the only people that live here!


  1. I do the same thing to pants from's the only way for this 5'9.5" lady to get long pants on sale! It's yet to fail me. :)


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