Thursday, February 26, 2009

Woop woop!

So, I was accepted as a ChaCha guide. I know that some people report that it isn't worth it since they've decreased their pay, but I also know others who think that it IS worth it. And hey, it's money that I probably wouldn't have otherwise, so it's at least worth a shot!

I haven't had ANY chocolate today--not even hot chocolate! Go me! I'm not very disciplined when it comes to food, so this is a good exercise of self control for me.

The Top Chef finale last night really bummed me out. I was so excited to see the sous chefs from last season (I loved Casey), but was really sad that she exerted so much influence into Carla's dishes. Then again, Carla probably should have better asserted that this year, Casey's role was just to shut up and chop. I hope that Carla or Fabio win fan fave at the very least.

And that's about all. My brain is fried. I need to go home.


  1. Hope the cha cha thing works out well for you! I don't think I would be very good at it- do you have a blackberry? Or are you just at your computer a lot?

  2. Nice. I heard about ChaCha on NPR and thought it sounded quite interesting. Although it seems like the sort of thing you really need a superhuman artificial intelligence for, not slow people. You'll have to let me know whether it's annoying to do or not--hell, I could always use some money.


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