Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Love

Folks, I've got some serious baby fever. I'm used to having baby fever for a couple of days...MAYBE a week, and then it's gone. But this particular run of baby fever just won't quit....I had it three weeks ago at Bible study when I was holding one of the sweet newborns, and it seriously hasn't gone away. Really, if I thought that J's work would continue to have insurance, I'd probably be dunzo...that, and figuring out how the HECK we'd pay our mortgage are the only things bringing me back to sanity. Then again, if I were to listen to what Emerson says, I just need to instill in J that I respect that he will provide for any future family we have, because that's what he's driven to do.

I don't know. I DO know that I'm freaking exhausted. I was almost falling asleep at Bible study last night, came home, went to bed, and I'm STILL exhausted. I have to go to court this morning (boo), and then I'm thinking my lunch break may be spent napping in the car. I am excited about dinner tonight with Stump and Kelsey....if only I can stay awake!


  1. I get baby fever every timem I hold a newborn too. Then I remember that I love being able to afford the luxuries that we can without children, and I'm content to postpone for awhile. That and teenagers (which I just learned babies grow into) scare me.

  2. I don't get the baby fever. But then, I think children are like frighteningly intelligent talking animals. I want my kids to be born 25, with a job and an education so I can just have a really cool drinking buddy.

    Is that really all so bad?

  3. LOL- I love you! We just finished doing Emerson's Love and Respect at church . . . I am sure you can show him how much you respect him to get some baby love. Just remember to be on the energizing cycle!


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