Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend In Pictures

Saturday night, the band played a fundraiser concert. It was a little difficult because when we arrived at the hotel, the manager then informed the band that they were only allowed to play acoustically--couldn't hook up to speakers at all. That was just a bummer because the band was supposed to be the entertainment for the dessert fundraiser, and I'm not sure than anyone could really hear them. What can you do though?

Sunday, we headed up to the mountain to watch my little bro compete in the rail jam competition. I had fun testing out the camera for action shots and in the snow.

Later Sunday, we headed back home to start working on the floors. I thought this picture probably gave the best indication of the coloring of the floors and the walls. Things are coming along pretty quickly...J got a BUNCH more done while I was at the doctor's office today. All that's really left is to go down the hallway. Which means that HOPEFULLY, we'll be able to put the living room back together either tonight or tomorrow.

While I was at the doctor's this morning, Justin's mom also dropped off an afghan that she crocheted as a wedding present for us. It's a little belated, but well worth the wait!


  1. Love the pictures! What a bummer about the late notice for the fundraiser. :(

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend.

    Pictures are great as usual!


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