Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today has been a busy morning. First, we finished ripping up the carpet, and then determined that we'd actually need to put down plywood before putting down the flooring since the sub-floor is significantly lower than the kitchen. Another unexpected expense and chunk of time, but what can you do? Speaking of expenses, J's Costco card and receipt for the flooring are totally MIA. We need both to get the $160 refund on Monday, so please say a prayer, throw a penny to the little people, rub St. Anthony...or do whatever it is you do when YOU lose something important!

Also, here's a macro close-up of the rug that I got. It isn't really indicative of the texture, but it's pretty close to the color. I think that it will look really nice with our floors and our couches. I hope so anyway! I was hoping to lighten things up, but also to give the room some different texture.

The Dell tech came, replaced my hard drive, only to discover that Dell forgot to send the Vista installation CD. Yay. I pulled out all of the CD's I received when I bought the computer (which was a feat in itself since everything is still boxed up), and nope...I didn't get one. So, my hard drive went back in the computer, and hopefully I'll have some installation CD's on Monday. Oy Vey. I cannot WAIT to fill out my Dell satisfaction survey!

Ryan and Renee stopped by today to let us use Ryan's truck to pick up the plywood, and Renee dropped off my gorgeous painting. She added a couple of different iris silhouettes. Knowing Renee, I was sort of expecting at least a few changes :) Sometimes she paints three or four paintings on the same canvas before she finds what she really likes. Anyway, I loved the first version, but I absolutely love this version too.

Also, I had a giant grapefruit this morning. It's been almost 4 years since I had a grapefruit after my gyno told me that grapefruit interacts with birth control pills and will lower their effectiveness. Even though I loved grapefruit, I stopped eating it because I was absolutely terrified of becoming pregnant. I've still hung on to that idea, even though I've switched gynos because mine was basically a quack, which I discovered after she said that I was too young to possibly have a tumor in my boob, even though breast cancer runs in my family. Several months and second opinions later, I had to have surgery to remove a grapefruit sized tumor from my boob. For quite awhile, they thought it was cancerous...luckily, it turned out to be begnin. Anyway, I don't know why I hung on to that piece of advice from the crazy doctor for so long, as my current gyno has basically said she has NEVER seen someone get pregnant from eating too much grapefruit. And you know what? Even if it happens to me (and with my luck I WOULD be the first), oh well. It's not the end of the world if I were to get pregnant. Speaking of the gyno, I have to go see the new doctor on Monday...NOT looking forward to that. It's not time for an annual, but I'm pretty sure she's gonna want to do an exam. I've got all kinds of different female issues going on right now, and they just aren't fun. And neither are the potential treatments!

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