Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flameworthy Confession

Okay folks, I have a seriously flame-worthy Valentine's Day confession--I did not like my Valentine's Day present. J tried very hard, and I would really LIKE to like it, but I just don't, and I feel really crappy about not liking it. Let me back up here about a month and explain why.

One month ago. J and M are in Target, looking at the Home Design section. They come across the aforementioned giraffe-print mugs, plates, and bowls.

M: Wow. Giraffe print is really popular this year.
J: Giraffe! You HAVE to get the giraffe plates and bowls.
M: Nah. Look how expensive they are! The mugs are great, but I don't really like the plates and bowls. Plus, as much as I like giraffes, I don't want the WHOLE house to be giraffe themed, and they don't match any of our other stuff either.

Subsequently, I've told Justin that as I've seen the mugs go on clearance, I've almost purchased them a couple of different times. So, I was a happy girl when J gave me two of the mugs as an early V-day present. I think we all know that he did good there.

This morning, he had me wait in the bedroom while he got my present ready. To be quite honest, I thought he was cleaning the house for me (which would have been great), since I heard a bunch of clatter in the kitchen. He came back all excited, and pulled me into the dining room...and there sat four place settings of the aforementioned giraffe plates and bowls. The ones that I had previously told him that I didn't like. Now, it quickly became obvious to me that J either did not hear, or did not internalize the above conversation. He likely heard "Nah. Look how expensive they are!" and nothing else. He was so excited, and thought I was absolutely going to love the present. I looked at the plates, I looked at him, and I just burst into tears. And they were not happy tears. And I felt like such a crappy, crappy wife, because his intent was just so, so good. He immediately asked what was wrong, and I told him what I had said about the plates...sure enough, he hadn't heard the last half of the conversation. And then he felt like crap too...because who wants to receive plates as a Valentine's Day present unless they're plates that you really, really want?

But, it also IS about the thought, not the gift, and the thought was so there...


  1. Ugh, awkward. So thoughtful. I really feel bad for our men...I think we are a lot better at gift giving than they are...not sure why...

    Look what I have started with the giraffe thing! Sorry!

  2. I am sorry about your Valentine's Day snafu. That sucks. It is good that you can talk to each other about it though- just imagine if you felt you couldn't tell him you didn't like the plates and now you are stuck with them for the rest of your life. Hmmm, maybe I am watching too much Mad Men. Who doesn't talk to their husband these days? Anyway- I hope the rest of the day goes well!

  3. That happened to me one year. John gave me an Audrey Hepburn boxed gift set. Yeah. TOTALLY not me.


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