Friday, February 20, 2009

A non-J post...

Leah has asked a couple of times if I've researched about Bengal cats. It's actually kind of funny--I had been looking at a few bengals, and was a bit disappointed that Bones wasn't one of them. But, after taking Leah's cue and doing some research, I've learned that Tabbys can be a type of bengal. And after reading about some of the characteristics, I'm thinking she at least has some bengal in her. This is the picture that the wikipedia entry uses to demonstrate the "mascara", or the horizontal striping that bengals typically have next to their eyes.

I think Bones has it too. I know...her eyes look pretty demonic in this picture.
Other characteristics are that they're very loyal and affectionate, very vocal, and sometimes require near-constant attention. I do think that most of those describe her...though she hasn't tried to hop in the shower with me, which is also typical of bengal cats. She also doesn't have the more prominent "spots" that I typically associate with a bengal.

Overall though, no matter what she is, she cracks me up. She often sits in the window and "chatters" at the birds outside. She wraps her paws around my neck and gives hugs, and she likes to sit on top of my head. Crazy cat, but I love her...and am really appreciating her right now!


  1. Lol, sorry, my new job makes me really persistent!

    I also associate spots with bengals, but they can have marbling as well . . . just a thought. I think she's gorgeous and quirky regardless!

  2. Bones is a very pretty kitty! She looks just like the two that I just adopted.


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