Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am calm.

J: We'll be done working later this afternoon, but we'll probably spend the night since the hotel is already paid for. Plus, Simon and I want to go to the bar tonight and get drunk.
M: Okay, well just don't get arrested tonight. And please don't drink TOO much or you won't get up tomorrow morning to drive home. How long of a drive is it?
J: About six hours. I'll be home before noon, and make it in time for both birthday parties.
M: Babe, are you really planning to leave at 6am? You have a really hard time getting up after you've been out drinking.
J: Yes! We're leaving by 6am!
M: Okay. If you tell me you're gonna do that, you really have to do that.
J: I know, I will. I promise!

{This morning, 8am, J calls M}
M: Morning! Where are you guys at?
J: Ummm...the hotel. We'll leave in the next hour or so. We both overslept.

I should just KNOW by now that J can't do ANYTHING Saturday mornings, no matter how much he promises. But really, he should not make promises that he's not willing to keep.


  1. Argh. That is frustrating. I am sorry. I hope you guys are able to enjoy your time together today. = )

  2. sounds like a conversation i've had with my husband!


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