Sunday, November 23, 2008


Most people are surprised when they learn all the many things that I'll allergic to. My allergies are particularly bad this morning, so I thought I'd do a little pictoral of some of my MAJOR allergies. There are countless more that just aren't worth mentioning at this time.

First up, hay.
Also, Christmas trees.
The buttons on jeans
Gold jewelry
As well as silver
Tomatoes (but I eat these suckers anyway for sure)
Again, these are Evergreens, but I'm basically allergic to all trees.
Annnnnd dust mites.


  1. The buttons on jeans?! Wow, bizarre.

  2. Yeahhh the buttons on jeans thing sucks! Depending on the jeans I have the same problem :( Belts too! Clear nail polish works wonders!:)


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