Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight; The Movie

So, we went to see the Twilight movie last night at 10pm. When we arrived at 9, there was already a huge line. The theater employee accidentally directed us to the incorrect "back" of the line (it wound around like an amusement park line), and he actually put us almost at the front of the line. Haha, suckers.

Overall, the movie was pretty decent. It was totally campy, but I was expecting that. It stayed fairly true to the books, which I liked. The audience was filled with teenagers, and they yelled things out en mass through the movie--it almost felt a little like Rocky Horror.

The thing that really cracked me up/irritated me is that I ALWAYS get stuck behind the people that want to talk through the whole movie. The couple sitting behind us last night obviously hadn't read the books, and were just talking the whole time.But the most bizarre was a 15 minute discussion of timber during the baseball scene. It went something like this:

(Panoramic view of Washington woods)
Guy: Ohhhh that's some nice timber right there!
Wife: Sure is. Lots of timber too.
Guy: I bet they can actually cut down that timber.
Wife: And rightfully so. It's beautiful timber. What kind do you think it is?
Guy: Well, I'd guess Douglas Fir. The leaves look pretty pointy.
Wife: I don't know, I'm leaning toward Evergreen.
Guy: Nope, not Evergreen.
Wife: Well it ain't Douglas Fir.
Guy: It's beautiful Douglas Fir timber.
Wife: Nah, maybe it's some special Washington timber.

Seriously. I always get stuck by the people who talk. I don't know why people seem to think it's okay to talk through the whole movie. Especially loudly. And especially about freaking timber!

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  1. Yes, I remember this now. I guess it just didn't stick in my head at the time because I was trying to avoid the craze so desperately.

    But now I am crazed. I want one of those VILF pins. (Haha, a joke) Have you heard of\seen those!?!


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