Sunday, November 9, 2008

Paint Picked

So, after another trip to Home Depot today, I think we may have paint colors picked out. It's interesting because the swatches on the screen (i.e. online) NEVER look anything like the paint chips--I just hope that the paint looks like the paint chips!

Here goes. For the Living Room, we're going with Behr Silver Screen (cropped like this, it's the 1st column from the right, second down). We wanted a gray with some blue undertones. The paint chip is much more gray than the online chip, but when I googled the name of the paint, the rooms were pretty reflective of this swatch here. I can dig either the darker gray OR the paint as it looks here.
Next up is the dining room and kitchen, which are adjacent to the living room, so we wanted something that would flow, but would also be distinct. AND would match our green-ish blue plates. We decided on Behr Sparkling Spring (2nd column from the left, second down). In real life, the swatch has both green and blue undertones, but definitely more green than is shown here.

Lastly, the master bedroom. We decided not to paint the bathrooms or spare bedrooms for now, though we will be doing those eventually. Currently, we have a lot of light blue bedding, but I'm trying to transition from that to mostly chocolate brown bedding because my husband is always dirty. The man can step out of the shower after scrubbing for half an hour, lay down, and still sweat dirt. Gross, I know. Anyway, we're going with Behr Cumberland Fog (First column, second row down).

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