Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gooood Day.

Many good things happened today. We got the keys to the house (but can't actually go inside until tomorrow). I lead a training today, and heard from two different people that my training flew by faster than any other that they've attended this year--they said it was a testament to my ability to make even difficult subject matter interesting and entertaining. Awww

After that, I met up with MIL, SIL, Renee (who is also a SIL and so much more), Payton, Logan, and Stump for lunch (see below post).

After lunch, I headed over to see Kait, her momma, and her sister. Kait was chatting via webcam with her hubby (one of Justin's best friends), who is over in Iraq right now. It was great to see her hubby, AND I loved seeing Kait's adorable new haircut.

I accomplished a lot of box packing. DH is totally not into the packing. Honestly, I'm not either, but somebody has to do it!


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! Good luck at closing!

  2. YAY! How exciting! I can't wait until we start seeing some pictures!

  3. New layout? It looks great. I still can't believe you bought a house. My brother just did too, and he is getting married this summer (so I will be in WA, if you are interested??) Anyway, heck yes Meredith! Except for the packing part (UCK!) I am really excited for you!!!

  4. Seriously, love the new look! :)

    Yay for house keys! Do you feel all adult like? And impressive work on the training!


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