Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

Well, it's over. It's amazing how much time and energy goes into planning Thanksgiving, and then it's done in like an hour. For the most part, I think it went well. I was mostly too busy to notice. Here's some pictures though:

Making the brine--which was basically the bane of my existence. On Wednesday evening I ended up having to transfer the turkey to a cooler to brine thanks to the leakage all over my fridge.

Makeshift table setup with person I don't know and Justin's dad in the background. Yeah, talk to me later about person I don't know.

I really don't like bare walls, so I threw up the EW ceiling tiles in the dining room for now. I'm not sure they'll stay, but it's all good.

Today, I kind of feel like I got hit by a bus--I didn't have much to drink, so I'm thinking that it's probably because of my allergies. I took my prescription this morning, so I'm hoping to feel better later. They're always really bad after I get a shot, and nothing helps.

Other than that, we have to venture into town to pick up Justin's paycheck--I'm scared for how small it will probably be. Then, as much as I try to AVOID the Black Friday mess, we may hit it up because we need to get going on Christmas presents, and sales certainly help with that. We have 20 people to buy presents for, plus 4 birthdays in December this year, so December is a busy month for us, and sales certainly help.

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