Monday, November 17, 2008


Aren't these vases cute? And they totally go with my turquoise obsession. Can you believe that I found them at the dollar store?

Justin and I at the end of a long, long painting day looking like dweebs. A million thanks go out to my parents and Ryan & Renee for helping us out with the painting!

Okay, so here's the living room. Keep in mind several things: 1. It's night time and we only have one light. 2. This is obviously not the final arrangement. You can kind of see the look we're going for here--cool colored walls balanced out with the dark dark furniture. The wall behind the couch will eventually hold three floating shelves (right now they are the bane of Justin's existence), which will house pictures and such. The couch will obviously be centered. We do have some tables we could use as side tables, but they are totally not my style, and I'll probably veto them unless we restain them. The wall to the left of the couch will be a wall of short book shelves. I was actually going to do the floating shelves above the bookshelves, but the bookshelves were higher than expected. I'm tempted to do another wall of pictures above the bookshelves, but may end up doing two large mirrors instead.

Hi dad! Looking down the hallway

Kitchen here. Obviously. None of these colors photograph particularly well, but it's all good. This color is actually supposed to be more green than than gray, and it is sometimes. Both of our paint choice so far (I've yet to see Cumberland Fog) change colors through the day like crazy.


  1. I love those vases, so cute! Everything is looking so great so far, I can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Those vases are SUPER cute! I really like them a is an idea--paint those side tables that you aren't really into a similar color? I think it would bring some zing to the place to have some bright blue furniture hanging about. Just an idea...

    Glad to see some pictures (even though I know that you are in no way showing off your finished house!) Awesome!


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