Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey and Vodka.

Today's been a busy day. Ryan and Renee stopped by on their way into town, and we just chatted for a bit. Mostly about nothing. It was good to see them, and their kids. Ryan helped Justin move in the infamous china hutch, which I still despise and Justin loves. How did I end up with a husband that feels so strongly about bedskirts, stemmed wine glasses, and all things wooden? Needless to say, despite my hatred for the hutch, it does make a nice spot for all my alcohol related glasses, and consequently I've basically turned it into a bar.

Later in the day, my parents stopped by. They helped us move a box of stuff over, and then brought Kev over to see the apartment. I think we got a lot accomplished, though it doesn't particularly feel like it. There is just still so much to do. And so much shit still in our apartment--but it feels like the house is already full. I have half a mind just to throw everything else that's left in the apartment away.

I have a tester turkey in the oven right now. I will probably use an oven bag on actual Thanksgiving day, but right now I'm testing without one. I basically followed PW's recipe, but without brining, and adding some spices under the skin. I really hope that I turns out--and I'm so glad that I'm not doing my first one ever on Thanksgiving!

Edit: I just realized that I never explained the vodka--while cooking the turkey, I enjoyed a lovely strawberry, pineapple, banana and vodka drink...mmmmm good! Unfortunately, the combo of turkey and vodka is making me VERY sleepy!

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