Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In The Dark

So, band practice the other night started out like any other practice...goofing around, me experimenting with the video camera on my digital camera and recording snippets of songs. However, the power suddenly went out. My darling hubby kept singing away like there was nothing wrong, thinking we'd just blown a fuse. In actuality, the power to the whole city was out.

For God Alone Snippet (Live, and complete with power outage):

So, we decided to light some candles, and carry on with an acoustic practice. And I decided to try some photography in the dark. Even though they're a bit grainy, I love how some of these turned out!

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  1. Wow, the acustic practice must have been amazing to be a part of. I love your camera shots as well!

    *Going back to your comment about the heart of worship from my blog post a few weeks back. That heart of worship in a church is exactly what I'm looking for.


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