Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mood Board

So, this is my first mood board--both my first mood board ever, and my first mood board for the house. I've been hesitating to do one until closing is final, because it almost feels too good to be true. I am NOT one to count my chickens before they hatch. However, this is pretty much my scheme for any living room anywhere. It will also likely spread over into the kitchen/dining room because all my dishes are the same blue as the curtains. I just went with the basics on my mood board--I have lots of accessories that I just didn't add in, but will be included in the real thing. The other good news is that there are only three things on the mood board that I don't already own! Here's the breakdown:

1. Paint: I think we're going with a gray/greige paint color similar to Olympic's Silver Spoon. Though, contractor dad is very much against Olympic paint, so we'll probably get it color matched somewhere else. Ideally, I want a light neutral gray, possibly with some blue undertones, but nothing overt.

2. Furniture: We're mostly using our existing furniture--our brown leather couch seen on the mood board, and our brown micro suede "circle chair" as seen below. The throw pillows will stay for awhile as well. I also have countless blue, and blue green throws that we'll also be incorporating. I would eventually LOVE a quilt rack to put by the couch, but we'll see. As I mentioned earlier, we'll also have multiple bookcases. I like to color code them, so they will be a pop of color in the room too. We already have the brown leather storage ottoman as well.

3. Wall Decor/ Accessories: I'll be looking for an oversize mirror to hang either above the bookshelves or above the couch. I might get a cheapo Ross/Wal-Mart one for awhile until we can afford something that I love. Mirrors are expensive! The other usable wall will hopefully have floating shelves as well. I can't decide if I want espresso brown or white for those. Along with the bookshelves, they'll be the home to many picture frames, candles, and the Van Gogh Iris print. Those of you that know me already know of my affinity for purple irises.

4. Lighting. Okay, so lighting is going to be the bane of my existence. The living room has NO overhead lighting, so we'll need floor lamps/table lamps. I have been looking online all night, and have only seen one floor lamp that I kinda sorta like:

I don't even love the dang lamp. I might like it a lot more if it were a more white linen. Anyway, it's from Target and it's out anyway because according to the online reviews, there are some serious wiring issues that have almost resulted in a few fires. Yikes.

So, that's that. I'm hoping to maybe do a mood board or have a solid inspiration picture for every room in the house (save the man cave) within the next week. I don't know if that will happen, or if I'll even use them, but it's a good goal, I think. See, I'm probably going to be devoting most, if not all of my time and money to the main living spaces first. I'll move on to beds/baths later on as time and money allow (HELLO $7500 tax credit!). First on my agendas as far as those things go are a backsplash, and hardwood floors!!!

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