Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughts from the Cafe.

So, I don't have time to go back to work between court this morning and court this afternoon, so I'm taking my lunch in a little wireless cafe. Lucky for me, I had my laptop in the car. Here's what I'm thinking:

  • Ugh...I tapped one of the DHS state-owned cars with my bumper when I was backing up this morning. I got out to look, and there wasn't even a scratch, so I just left. But I always feel bad not leaving a note...especially when it happened right in front of the courthouse. I never know what you're supposed to do in that situation? Leave a note anyway? In the cities, people constantly tap each other's bumpers when they're getting out of parallel parking, but here, people don't, and I don't know what the expectation is.
  • I'm still getting over my cold. I've been taking my prescription-strength Sudafed courtesy of my allergist. It's only available by prescription here in Oregon, because we're the meth capital of the world, and Sudafed makes great meth, apparently. I've gotta say that I can see why! I'm totally jittery, and even though I took it at 1pm yesterday, I couldn't sleep last night. My thoughts were just racing and racing. The pharmacist also told me to be prepared to not be hungry at all. Is it terrible that I was completely excited to hear her say that? I'm ashamed to say that my first thought was "Oh's basically a legal form of meth! Maybe I'll end up a skinny minnie like the meth moms!"
  • I have definitely gained weight since we've been married. They warn you about the Freshman 15--why don't you ever hear about the Married 20?! Much to Justin's happiness, most of it is going right to my boobs. When we got married, I was barely a 34B. Last week, I bought a 36C bra, and this week, even THAT feels a little small this week. But my hips and booty have definitely taken a hit too, and that's caused me to be totally self conscious lately. Even though I have FIVE GARBAGE BAGS OF LAUNDRY (just my clothes), I feel like I have nothing to wear. And yes, I know that's way too many clothes.
  • Speaking of gaining weight, it apparently shows even in my fingers. My wedding ring doesn't fit anymore. We need to get it resized, but in the meantime I've been wearing a fake cubic zirconium ring that I had when I was working in college. People have been complementing me on it non-stop today. I chuckle to myself every time. I still love my ring more though, even though it doesn't look like a typical wedding/engagement ring at all.
  • There's a couple next to me in the cafe that's practically intertwined. They are like an inch away from each other, and are having a VERY intense conversation. There are flowers on the table. I keep trying to eavesdrop, but they are just too far away for me to hear what they're saying! I wish I were a fly on the wall next to their table.

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