Friday, November 14, 2008

Jeff Dunham-A Night to Remember

So last night, Ryan, Renee, Justin, and myself made the 2 hour trek up to the casino to see Jeff Dunham. I know what you're thinking--a guy with puppets? That's exactly what I thought. Before going, Ryan, Renee, and Justin loved the guy. Me, not so much. But I think he may have converted me. For those interested, he has a new show on Comedy Central Nov. 16th. Be forewarned, it's funny, but pretty crude.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about the night. I seriously thought that with all the effort it took to get out of town, the universe was telling us DON'T GO! Here's what happened:

1- On the way out to the car, I stepped in dog crap that one of our neighbors neglected to clean up. It was just a crappy day for me in general (HA!). Didn't realize it until we got to the car. By then, I got it every where. Purse, floor, top of other shoe, etc. Stopped at Justin's shop to hose me off .

2- Went to BK for dinner. In the line, Renee realized she didn't have her ID. Since we were going to a casino, we had to have it. She thought it was in their car, parked at our apartment. In his excitement about getting Renee's ID, Justin drove off with only half of our order (they chased him down).

3- Got back to the apartment, and Renee's ID was not in the car. That meant it was at home, about 35 minutes away. We were already pushing the time to get up there, but headed over to their house.

4- Once we started going, Justin slammed on the gas, thus throwing Ryan's drink onto the floor. Renee responds, "Mere! Ryan's drink landed in your purse!" I responded that my purse was up by my feet, so it had to be her purse--haha ;)

5- In the process of cleaning up the drink, we realized there was another odd substance on the floor. Turns out, when Justin hammered on the gas, a bbq sauce container also exploded on the floor.

By this point, we were in hysterics laughing so hard. The night continued to have some damn funny parts, including Ryan and Renee breaking into their own house, and Renee talking about liking the word "wang" because "it feels nice on her mouth". We all have dirty senses of humor and LOST IT.

Despite our best efforts, Renee and I did NOT get tipsy. Our best efforts included running to the bar for vodka shots 3 minutes before the show, a Chambord Royale, a Lemon Drop, and Captains and Coke. Weirdly enough, we skipped the tipsy and went right to almost hungover. Guess it was the cheap alcohol at the casino. After the show, we played some penny slots, then headed home around midnight (two hour drive) since the boys had to work this morning. Sorry boys. Overall, it was a lot of fun :)


  1. This sounds like a great night...I am glad to hear the four of you can hang out together and have some good laughs. The wang comment gave me a good one, that's for sure!

  2. So glad you guys had a good time! :) And had a few good laughs! lol.


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