Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blast From The Past....

Tonight, Justin and I went to a Christmas Program for one of our nieces--she was a present in the Christmas play. The program was not in the town that we live or work in, nor was it in the city that I grew up in, so I wasn't expecting to see anyone that I knew, and just threw on ratty jeans and an old sweatshirt to go.

Much to my surprise, I saw at least 15 people that I knew, including the boy that I had the BIGGEST crush on through pretty much all of middle school and high school. His name was Matt Martin, and I used to love to think about how we could get married and we'd be Matt and Meredith Martin, and have all sorts of babies who also had names that started with the letter M. His whole family went to my church (we actually went through Confirmation together), and I absolutely adored his mother.

I didn't say anything when I saw him at first because a) he definitely knew that I had a crush on him in high school/middle school, and it was NOT reciprocated (I distinctly recall one particular youth group meeting where I'm sure I was swooning all over him, and he actually turned to me and said, "Meredith, you don't have to sit so close to me. There's a whole bench open." Doh.), and I didn't want to seem all stalkerish; b) I was pretty geeky in middle school and the first couple years of high school. We're talking permed bangs (and the bangs were the only things permed), braces, and sports player who wore sweats everywhere, and I honestly wasn't sure that he'd even recognize me; and c) I was a bit in shock that he was now over 7 feet tall and looked like he was 30.

So, I didn't say anything to him, but I did point him out to Justin, since he's heard some pretty funny first crush stories about the guy. Including the fact that the reason Matt and I never dated in middle school or high school was a pretty hilarious love-rectangle. See, Matt had a friend named Jason. I had a friend named Sara. Jason liked Me, I liked Matt, Matt liked Sara, and Sara liked Jason. Still with me? Gotta love high school.

Anyway, after the program was over, much to my surprise, Matt came over and said hello, that it was good to see me, and asked how I've been. He was very kind, and looked genuinely happy to see me. I introduced him to Justin, and then he took me over to say hi to his mom and introduced me to his nephews (I knew his brother as well growing up). It was such a weird mix of emotions--first an foremost, I was just so absolutely thankful for my wonderful husband, and that he's the one who I ended up with. My husband is so wonderful that he even shook the guy's hand and made small talk with him, knowing that this guy was definitely my first real all-consuming CRUSH, if not a bit of unrequited love (though looking back, I don't think I'd classify it as love anymore). And he wasn't even the slightest bit jealous or possessive about it.

But at the same time, it was weird because talking to Matt almost reverted me back to a giddy 14 year old again--I was having trouble forming sentences--which was definitely a weird emotion. I felt slightly guilty about it (J just laughed when I told him), but I do realize that it was probably because I always felt so awkward around the guy--it's hard not to revert back to that now. It really did make me appreciate how comfortable I feel and have always felt around Justin!

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