Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Raspberry Balsamic Chicken--Celebratory Meal.

We are OFFICIALLY out of our apartment. I've gotta tell y'all that I really hated cleaning all evening only to come home and find my house...not clean. We were home by 7ish, and I had some chicken in the fridge that had defrosted by yesterday, but I was too tired to cook it yesterday, so I did tonight, as a "OUT OF APARTMENT" celebration. I also celebrated for other reasons you will read about below. Anyhoo, I've been raving about this recipe for Raspberry Balsamic Chicken for months. It's low cal, low fat, delicious, and hubby will eat it without ranch.

First, start off by grilling some chicken. I like to do mine on my little George-Foreman wanna-be, but an actual grill will work okay too. I have also sauteed the chicken in a fry pan along with a little olive oil and some red onion, which is my favorite way to prepare this recipe, but tonight I was going for speed. Season with some salt and pepper if you so desire.

While you're cooking the chicken, in a small pan combine one cup of raspberry jam and 6 tbsp of balsamic vinegar. You can also use blackberry or apricot jam, but raspberry is our favorite. Let it just bubble, and then turn the heat down to low. The sauce reverts back to a jelly-like state VERY quickly, so take the sauce off just before you're done cooking the chicken.

Stop and celebrate the fact that you finally have sweat pants/lounge pants long enough that you actually have to CUFF them to keep from stepping on them. Hubs stopped to give me a little squeeze as well and admired the polar fleece that was actually LONG ENOUGH and the new soft pants. Old Navy is currently my all time favorite. Seriously, I'm used to buying XXL so that they'll be long enough. I went with a large tall for these and was worried they might not fit. They're fantastic. I might have even been able to squeeze my butt into a Medium, but I like my lounge pants to be a little baggy. Don't be surprised if you see me in this very outfit for the next week. I am seriously tempted to 2-day ship another pair.

Doesn't this picture look very retro? It looks like I stole it off an old recipe book. In actuality, I took it this very evening in our funky lighted kitchen. Anyway, behold the delicious chicken. It's even better the next day when it has been sitting in the sauce all evening.

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