Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Wooooaaaahhhh oh Woaaaaaahhhhh.

-1 I learned a new knitting stitch. It's called horizontal herringbone. I'm making a scarf for my momma out of it right now, and I have to say, my yarn (purple, blues, and teal) is much prettier. I just must figure out how to do a border on the next one, since the edges are a little uneven for my liking. Anyway, this is a big accomplishment for me because it's the first thing I've done that isn't just some variation of knit, purl. It's the first stitch I've done that made me bust out a knitting dictionary to find out what s1, wyif, kftb meant. It's like learning texting language all over.

2- I got up way too early for my ortho appointment. I can't go back to sleep though because if I set my alarm for 8am, it won't go off until TOMORROW at 8am, even though it isn't 8am yet today. Once it's gone off once in a day, it won't go off until the next day. Unless you're my hubby hitting snooze 100 times.

3- Ryan told me yesterday that he doesn't think I want a cat, he thinks I want a baby, and I'm just hoping that a cat may tide me over. He thinks this because I haven't ever talked about wanting a cat before, which I haven't, though I have wanted one since we've been in the apartment. Still, his assertion may have some merit of truth in it. But the fact of the matter is that we can't afford to live on Justin's salary alone, and judging by the history of really difficult pregnancies in my family, I feel like we can't consider being put on bedrest a remote possibility like most couples would--it's a REAL likelihood. I know, as J always tells me, if we wait until we can afford to have kids, we'll never have kids. But, I'd still like to go into it having some sort of a plan where income minus expenses might realistically allow us to break even.

4- My allergies SUCK today. BAH HUMBUG!


  1. I have never wanted a fact I've always hated cats until last month. I had an encounter with one at a shelter and now I'm obsessed. I want one so bad that DH and I literally fight about it every single day. And no, I don't want a baby! THAT is for sure. :)

  2. First, that stitch looks so cool. I love the V design of it. I can't knit worth anything, but I love gazing lots and lots!
    And the cat thing. Well that's interesting! I could see my husband having the same theory. We live in Germany primarily (just moved there this year), and I'm thinking learn the language first.

  3. That stitch looks awesome. Nicely done.

    Honestly, have you contacted the shelter yet? That is one precious kitters. On the whole baby front . . . you're being very realistic.

  4. No, I haven't contacted the shelter yet. It's still up on pet-finder and listed as available on their website. The cold hard truth is that we just won't have money until either J gets paid or our rent refund comes. I may call this next weekend.

  5. 1. I love that stitch. I think it is awesome. Can you make the style of scarf that is in the picture? You could SELL those in Norway...people would really like them over here.

    2. I am glad I prepared you for your alarm life with Justin. That was all I was doing, you know. Maybe you should get a new alarm clock.

    3. And for the cat--first of all, that cat is adorable, and that is reason enough to want it! Although I do think that maybe Ryan has some insight as well...but that's ok! Maybe a cat can do the trick! You and J can have a pre-trial haha! From my limited experience I would guess that cats are less expensive than kids as well. ;)

    4. Bah humbug.


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