Monday, December 1, 2008

Good finds!

I was feeling better this afternoon and had to go into town to pay our last 10 days of apartment rent for the apt. by today (!!!), so I decided to do some quick grocery shopping and stop by Goodwill to see how I fared. I had some GREAT finds at Goodwill today for both Justin and myself. I didn't notice the brands of the shirts (Abercrombie and Gap) I got for Justin until I got home, and I'm not sure if he'll wear them once he sees where they're from, but I like them. Check it out:

Clockwise from top: Abercrombie shirt for Justin- $4, Gap Shirt for Justin- $3.00, Light Purple Mossimo shirt (I actually had this very same sweater a few years ago and LOVED it, but I accidentally ripped it)- $3.00, and lastly a sweater from The Limited- $3.99. Grand total, less than $15. I love the color of the sweater from The Limited, but it is kind of odd--there are buttons all the way around the inside collar of the shirt. I wonder if it was one of those fake dress shirt-sweater combos?

In other news:
-I found my SLR camera! Yay!
-MIL stopped by today to show Pam our new house. They asked if I wanted to go with them to BK for lunch. I said no thank you--that I hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days and didn't think I could do the grease. MIL made a joke that I must be pregnant. These jokes have SERIOUSLY increased since we bought a house. I think Justin's side of the family wants us to start having babies ASAP. I think my side of the family doesn't. Obviously, it's our decision either way we go. It's just funny to notice the contrast between the two families.
-I made an appointment to see the doctor next week about my knee. For those of you not in the know, I hurt my knee a little over a month ago doing squats. For awhile, I couldn't bend OR straighten it all the way. Now, I can bend and straighten it, but any time I do either of those things, there's a loud, audible, painful "pop". Yay. I am kind of falling apart.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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