Monday, December 8, 2008


So sure enough, the doctor just referred me to an orthopedist. She said, "Well, any time you have bone grinding on bone, it usually isn't a good thing." Ya think? So, it may take months to get into the orthopedist, and then if they think it's necessary, they'll order an MRI. In the meantime, the doctor put me on no stairs, no lifting, no unnecessary movement orders. Which was awesome, considering what I had to do all afternoon.

After the doctor, my dad, my sister and I hit up my fave sandwich shop for lunch. Then I went to Wally World and TJ Maxx, where I picked up a huge glass bowl that I've been lusting over that was on clearance. I had great plans to fill it with round Christmas ornaments. Yeah, until a guy cut me off in traffic and I had to slam on my breaks, and the bowl broke. I didn't even make it home with the stupid bowl.

I spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning the apartment. I was expecting to go in, have it be empty, and be able to clean. After all that J brought over yesterday, I wasn't anticipating that there would be much left. THERE IS SO MUCH LEFT! I packed up as much stuff as I could, cleaned quite a bit (which sucked because I forgot my allergy meds at home and it was dust city), and I finally threw away four big garbage bags full of stuff that I haven't missed and just didn't want to move. However, I also spent a LOT of time trekking up and down the stairs, and now rather than just my knee hurting, the pain is radiating all the way up to my hip. Nice. And just think...I get to do it all again tomorrow.

On the way home, we stopped to get some dinner, Justin's parents were driving by and saw our car, so they stopped and had dinner with us too. When we got home, Justin was a peach and unloaded all the stuff while I elevated and iced my leg. I watched an episode of Eli Stone, and The Hills. I'm considering watching either Grey's Anatomy or Gossip Girl as well. What can I say, I tend to use TV to get through the week when I'm not enjoying work. However, since we don't have cable, I usually have to wait until later to actually watch the show. Here's my rundown (as pathetic as it is):

Monday- Gossip Girl and The Hills
Tuesday- Fringe (on hiatus) and Eli Stone
Wednesday-Top Chef and Bones
Thursday- Grey's Anatomy

The only ones I ACTUALLY keep up with are Top Chef and Bones. The others I usually let accumulate for a couple of weeks and then watch during the weekend mornings when J is still sleeping and I'm awake.

Tomorrow, I have to go to work. Bah.

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