Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Well, I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Here are a couple of pictures from my side of the Christmas Bonanza...I have no pictures from Justin's side because they never have any lights on in the house, and all the pictures consequently look terrible.

My sister and I. At a later date, you'll see just how far I have to scrunch down to be shorter than she is!

My sister, J, and I. Kevin was also in this picture, but I cropped him out because he was a punk and had already changed out of his dress clothes. Mossy Oak sweats and an Old Spice T just don't belong in a dressy-clothes picture.

Here I am, slightly inebriated after a few Huckletinis and other various drinks. I was happy, and enjoying my buzz until my little brother decided it would be fun to tackle me because I was apparently in his "spot". My varsity linebacker brother. Yeah.

Justin trying his first "Arrogant Bastard Ale".

Overall, Christmas was lovely. Many of the presents we received this year were handmade, which I usually like more than store-bought anyway. For example, Renee gave me a huge bucket of homemade things, including awesome monogrammed dishtowels and a scarf/hat combo. Kev gave us a wine stopper that he made in woodshop. My parents gave me some photography equipment, as they know that I'll be getting a DSLR camera in February or so. I hope that I have it in time to take some family pictures for Ryan and Renee. I really want to do those for them with the nice digital rather than the film. It's probably too cold to do them outside, but I've been tossing around the idea of having them come to our house and doing them on our bed.

Our bedroom already has the best natural light, and one of the things my parents gave me for Christmas was a photography light reflector. I think we could get some really fun ones.

Anyway...J is still sleeping, even though he's supposed to be going with me to the gym. Why? Because he was up all night playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which he received from my parents. Yay Justin.

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  1. You look SMOKING hot in that dress. I wish we were still roomates so that I could borrow it. Although, I suppose the tea length dress doesn't look as flattering when it hits you mid shin...


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