Monday, December 8, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, Give me Some News....

So, I'm headed off to the doctor (actually the nurse practitioner) to have her check out my knee. It's still doing that audible "pop", though not as much as last week, and still hurts like a biotch. I know that this is sort of a wasted trip--she'll probably just refer me for an MRI, which I'm not sure my insurance will cover. I know Justin's probably doesn't. Yay. Is it sad that I'm not looking forward to going for the sole reason that they'll probably weigh me?

Then, it's off to my parent's house to drop off the painting supplies they let us borrow, and I'll probably stop at the store and try to find some Cafe Yumm sauce there as well. I've been missing this heavenly concoction that turns rice and beans into bowls of....well...heaven. To all you who aren't in Oregon--nahner can't have any. But you could make some if you're really so inclined. As many things found only in Oregon, it's wheat free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and low in sodium. Obviously, it has nuts in it, so don't make it if you're allergic to nuts. But then, you wouldn't be a pseudo hippie if you were allergic to nuts, now would you?

I may also drop by the used bookstore to see if I have any credit left, because I love me some used books.

Next, it's off to the apartment (BAH HUMBUG!) to do some final loading and cleaning. We have to be totally out by Wednesday. I am not looking forward to this part of the day at all because the stairs coupled with the bending over that cleaning requires really wreak havoc on the knee. NOT fun. Poor Justin is sicker than a dog too, so we'll just have to battle through it together I suppose.

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