Monday, December 15, 2008


So, I desperately need my hair to be re-highlighted. I've called in to the beauty school to try and get in either on Saturday or Christmas Eve, but I'm doubting it will actually happen. In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to review a few of the many hairstyles I've had over the past 5 years or so...I don't have any pictures from when I was younger on my computer, but I will say this...I had permed bangs. And ONLY permed bangs.

This was one of my senior pictures in high school. I dyed my hair dark the weekend of the pictures, and I think my mom was pissed because it really didn't look much like ME.

In college, I used to highlight it myself with "Frost N Glow". My hair is THICK, as you can see here.

This picture was only a couple of weeks after the one above. Looks like I did some self-highlighting again.

Then later (still in college), I went DARK again.

And then light again. You can see the thickness again here. This was after a weekend at the beach, so I hadn't flat ironed my hair like I normally do.

At some points, I embraced my natural color, which is more of a dirty dishwater blonde. I usually only like this color on me when I'm really tan. This picture was from the day before the wedding.
Just a few weeks after the wedding, in NOLA. Humidity and my hair are friends. My natural color, but after being in the sun a bit more. Once we got back from NOLA, I chopped it all off, thinking it would make me look older. I HATED it short--it took forever to "do", and I always felt frumpy.
This past winter (my hair grows fast, doesn't it! The above picture was Aug '07, this one was April '08), I went seriously blonde again.

This past August, I had them add some espresso colored low lights in. I think that I'm going to have them do this again. I liked my cut here much better than my cut now. The last girl that I had sucked, and the layers are all effed up. I think I might just let them grow out for awhile.


  1. Your hair grows with freakish speed. I'm starting to suspect that you're a robot, or possibly some kind of human-shaped chia pet.

  2. 'Baloo' is hilarious. I miss him and you a lot. I wonder if he even cares in the slightest about hair at all? Haha...hmmm something to ponder.

    Why does a tan seem to make our hair look better? That just doesn't make sense at all. Haha. I like your hair natural(ish) the best. I think generally that natural looks the best on anyone...or natural enhanced if you will. ;)

  3. I'm with Lisa.... I like it natural :)

  4. I like it natural too...but ONLY if I'm super duper tan...if I'm not, it just makes me look pasty and sickly.


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