Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Song

Life and Love and Why by Switchfoot

In high school and college, I used to LOVE Switchfoot. I've seen them twice, and they were pretty great live both times, which is a MUST for me when it comes to music. That said, I haven't ever really gotten into any of their new stuff. But this song is still one of my favorites, and it's been running through my head a lot lately. It's a song that I tend to listen to whenever I'm feeling a little down, and it gives me hope.

Things have felt a little weird with Justin's family lately. I really noticed it yesterday when everyone was together. It's almost like there's this deep underlying tension running through everyone. People were pretty snippy towards each other. Justin and I both commented on it yesterday. That, and that things seem to be very...superficial. We both used to have deep, meaningful conversations with various members of Justin's family, but lately the conversations seem to revolve around the weather and 'how the house is doing'. Maybe it's just that we haven't been out there lately. I don't know that we had seen Ryan and Renee since the weekend after Thanksgiving, which may be a record, and we hadn't really seen Justin's parents in a couple of weeks either. Usually, we see them both every week if not more frequently. Or maybe something else is going on, but things just seem weird. Like there's an elephant in the room that people are tip-toeing around.

So anyway, I felt like I needed a hopeful song.

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  1. I also love Switchfoot, and this song. I didn't even think it needed an explanation at all--an obvious choice!


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