Saturday, December 27, 2008

I might throw up.

J is currently cooking eggs, and it is the most gawd-awful smell I have ever smelled in my life. I seriously want to throw up. I was going to go in and cook some rice for dinner, but I think I might have to wait awhile.

Justin said that if the Twilight Cat is still available for adoption when we receive our rent refund, I can adopt her. I should really contact the shelter and find out what the cost of the adoption is for her. My only concern is where I'd put the litter box...there isn't really room in any of the bathrooms, and we don't have a pantry or utility room or anything like that. My parents don't even have a litter box because the cat wanders in and outdoors so often. I always worry that the cat will get outside and just try to go back to its old home.

I feel terrible today. Serious sinus and allergy crap going on. I just want to go to sleep...but that's already what I've been doing on and off all day.

I think that I might fast tomorrow. I feel like my stomach was stretched over the holiday, and I'm eating more than I really need to because I don't feel FULL otherwise. I remember doing the 30-hour famine for church, and I was always amazed at how in-tune it made me to the different stages of hunger--hunger twinges don't necessarily mean that I need to feast. It's okay if I let myself get really hungry before I eat. I also remember how much smaller my stomach seemed the day after the 30-hour famine. Suddenly, the "correct" portion sizes actually satisfied me. Still, I don't want to deprive my body of important nutrients, so I may consume some V8 Splash in the morning or eat Emergen-C packets through the day. I don't know...maybe I'll wait until Tuesday. In a lot of ways, I find it much easier to fast during the work week, opposed to the weekend.

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