Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well that's nice.

So most of you that know me know that I am obsessive about taking my birth control pills at the SAME TIME every day. My cell phone alarm goes off, and I take the pill. I could count on one hand the number of times that I've been more than a half hour off my designated pill taking time. Seriously, I am compulsive. Friday, took my pill as normal. Kait and I even have a picture of us taking the same BCP at the same time. Saturday, took my pill as normal. Sunday, took the pill as normal. Monday, took the pill as normal.

At least, so I thought. I happened to look down at the pill pack last night and noticed that the pill I just took was in the "Monday" slot. Yes, it was Tuesday. I have NO idea when I would have missed a pill. Maybe it was yesterday, maybe it was two weeks ago, and I've been a pill short ever since. I have no idea. Which is nice. I decided to take them both last night just in case it was yesterday's that I missed.

And my dear, sweet, darling husband, was so excited to hear that I missed a pill, he almost jumped on the bed. He then quickly realized that was probably an inappropriate reaction, but quickly told me that he thinks this is my "sign". For months, Justin has wanted to have a baby. I haven't felt ready, I'm worried about potential complications, I feel like I'd be letting down my side of the family, we just bought a house....I'm just not EXCITED about it right now. And he so is. He and I have both been praying lately that God just let us know when it's our time to start trying--basically, give us a sign. Now, Justin thinks everything in the world is my sign.

The thing that REALLY sucks about this is that I'll probably be too paranoid to drink even one damn glass of wine over the holidays, which really sucks. I know that plenty a momma probably had a glass of wine before (or even after) she knew that she was preggo, with no adverse complications whatsoever. However, I am the QUEEN of worry, and if (God forbid) anything were to happen to my future baby, and I had had even a glass of wine, I'm not sure I would ever forgive myself. Which is funny, because I hear that in other countries preggo women have a glass of wine with dinner without so much as a sideways glance. Anyway...


  1. I had a college roommate who was a compulsive about her pills, she freaked if she was three minutes late. I never remember anything and have missed more pills that I can even begin to count, and I'm no momma. Take a deep breath, I'm sure you will be fine! But, I'm no doctor...I will send a cute baby gift though if I'm wrong :)

  2. Drink a glass of wine (or a couple) over the holidays and just let it roll off your shoulders until you know for sure. Wine is not toxic---just stay away from Irish Car Bombs and tequila shots, ok? You will do PLENTY of worrying when you know you are pregnant for sure someday, so there is no need for that now when you can't control what lies behind you a couple days or weeks. DRINK SOME WINE IF YOU WANT TO DAMMIT!

  3. IT'S A SIGN!

    Did that do it for you? NO? I didn't think so. :) Have a drink, you'll be fine. If you actually are pregnant, that's a pretty huge sign.

  4. I forgot mine last night! ooops! I hope it wasn't a sign to me, thats for sure! :) You guys will have beautiful babies, when the time is right! :) Drink a glass (or two) of wine for me over Christmas ok?!


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