Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend In Pictures

Justin's side of the family all got together over the weekend to celebrate three of the many December birthdays. Afterwords, we decided to play in the snow that had accumulated on the driveway.

The gnarly trees. This was early on in the day before the snow really started to fall...

Renee and I watching the kids sled.


Safety First! You'll see why later...from L to R, you've got Justin, James, Justin aka "Stump", and Ryan. Only my Justin and Ryan are actually in the family, but I wouldn't be surprised if the other two eventually are, as they're both dating the sisters. And guess what, James and Stump are cousins! That's how redneck we are!

This is my favorite picture of Payton...not exactly sure what's going on, but isn't this priceless?

Hubs and I

The girls were being sweet for a second.

Hubs sledding on the inner tube.

Logan showing off his new "choo-choo".

Baby, it's cold outside!

Okay, now here's why safety first is important with these guys. The day after Christmas a few years ago, I spent much time in the ER with Justin getting his head stapled shut after a sledding accident from a sled that they made from the back of an RV. In fact, that was probably my first bonding session with Renee. Anyway, yesterday the boys decided to make another sled. There weren't any big accidents...looks fun!

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