Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ahhh...I think I'm doing pretty good with this no complaining for a week thing. I'm sure it's a much happier blog to read too! Anyway...just a few updates:

1. Kait's husband is going to be home from Iraq in less than a week! I am just so stinking excited for her! Kait is one of my best friends, and her hubby is one of J's best friends. We have this running joke that when we grow up, we're going to buy a duplex, and Kait and I will get to decorate one side and the boys (the two J's) can have the other (we haven't quite figured out sleeping arrangements yet, lol). The boys like to say that when they get old, they'll sit on the front porch in rocking chairs with shotguns on their laps, and Kait and I will be inside cooking. In all seriousness, they're one of probably three people that I could share a duplex with and not go insane. Anyway, I'm hoping that sometime in the next year, we'll have another picture of all four of us:

And not one like this (from earlier this month):

2. I finally have a hair appointment for Friday! Whoop whoop!

3. Last night, Justin coughed so hard he threw up. Poor guy. I totally know how he feels, because this is the first year that I HAVEN'T coughed like that all the time. The allergy shots are finally working, thank the Lord! Now, I just have to battle colds instead.

4. In exactly one week, I get six days off work in a row!

5. I did something really bad yesterday...I went tanning. I haven't been since we got married because I don't want skin cancer. But yesterday I was feeling bitchy, and thought "If Justin can do something that could potentially give him cancer, so can I!" Obviously, not my most mature moment. That said, it felt so wonderful. I was in such a better mood immediately than I have been in weeks, which isn't surprising since doctors are now saying that tanning can create the same high that nicotine does. I burned my butt though. Also, it got me thinking that maybe I should take Vitamin D, since during the winter I go to work when it's dark, leave when it's dark, and rarely step outside during the course of the day.


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  2. I so think tanning is addictive, and I have ALWAYS felt guilty about going Not just because it is unhealthy, but also because I feel like it is vain and it is a waste of money! But yet I still so wanted to do it...but I think that had a lot more to do with looking a hell of a lot better with a tan than anything about UV rays and endorphins etc, haha. Although I could see that being true as well...there are a lot of people who are so much happier in the summer or when it is sunny, and depressed during the winter.

    I also heard in Norwegian class that all the immigrants in Hamar that are seeking asylum (mostly from Africa and the Mid East) are told to eat a lot of fruits and drink a lot of milk to get all the vitamins they miss out on from moving away from the sun! Our teacher told us that it happens all the time, people get sick and they don't know why!

    So I have started drinking a lot more milk these days. With chocolate in it, of course. ;)


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