Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm looking for something in red...

This is like "What I Wore", but with a much less skinny model and much cheaper clothes. Anyway. I decided to test drive the red dress today because I may wear it to Justin's Company Christmas party tomorrow night. I am so not comfortable wearing the bright colored dress, and can't help but wish I'd bought the black version instead. But I'm trying to embrace a little bit of color here... I'm cool with it from the top half.

But I'm not loving the full-length shot. Mostly because it makes me feel chubby, and I'm not especially loving the cling to the mid-section aspect of it all. I may need a second pair of spanx. I feel like I look short and stumpy---I'm 5' is that possible?! Maybe I should keep posting outfit pictures and it will motivate me to get back to the gym. I haven't been lately, and it's definitely starting to catch up to me, right around my stomach area. Bah.


  1. Oh please. I think it looks great. And I am glad to see a pic of YOU in it! The dress looks much better on a real person that laying down hehe! I say go for is festive around Christmas so you are in the clear. If it was a spring party, I would probably have different advice for you...but seriously---that's Santa's color! Live it up!

  2. Heck, why not even throw a santa hat on top???

  3. Seriously woman, you look fricken awesome in that dress. The bright color looks completely balanced with the black on black, but you would be absolutely fine without! And I mean absolutely gorgeous!


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