Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, Bible Study last night was great. I think I enjoyed it more than Justin did. He's too musical, and can't enjoy music when people are singing off-pitch or have the phrasing off. I notice it too, but sometimes it's not about singing in perfect pitch. Plus, he looked like he felt terrible. My challenge for the week was to not complain about anything--whoo boy. It's gonna be a toughie.

Justin accidentally took off with my car keys this morning (we only have one set for the new car and no locksmith we've taken it to has been able to make a second). So, I'm just here chilling until he gets back. I'll probably only be a few minutes late for work. I'm not complaining about this--I really don't mind. I just wish I would have been able to stop for some coffee. But, it was an accident--no one's fault.

Tonight is Justin's company party, which should be fun. I just have a hard time deciphering the dress code sometimes--what's "club casual" anyway?

Saturday, we'll be heading to a wedding, and it's also my mom's birthday. Sunday is Justin's sister's birthday, my company party, and also our day to work at the homeless shelter. It's going to feel crazier than normal because I'm getting Justin's cold, and also because I don't have next Monday off. C'est la vie!

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  1. No complaining for the week!? Glad to hear the bible study was a partial success.

    Boo to the delay this morning. I'll say it for you, accident or not, annoying! :)

    HOLY CRAP you have a lot to do this weekend, with a developing cold no less!


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