Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh, and also...

I am SERIOUSLY trying to convince J to let me adopt this sweetie. He said that he almost got me a kitten for Christmas, but I don't want ANY kitten, I want THIS kitten. Who is adorably named Twilight, and is just waiting to be brought home from the shelter. Seriously, I am in love with this darling sweetie.

I'm still wishin', hoping, and praying for our rent refund check to arrive soon--though I know it probably won't arrive until the last possible day they have to return it to us--the 10th of January. Especially since they haven't re-rented our unit. But it would be an AWFULLY nice late Christmas present if it were to arrive early.


  1. That cat is BEYOND cute. You must have.

  2. So cute! I don't even like cats, but she's adorable. I am a huge fan of pet adoption. I love that you'd rather adopt her than get a kitten. And, Twilight? Seriously? It's meant to be!


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